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A historic music venue and a way of life that can never die. The Armadillo stands for music, art, good people and good times. It’s a celebration of originality, creativity, and being proud to be who you are.

Long live the armadillo
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Burrow into the rich history of Armadillo World Headquarters

The Backstory
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The Legends

Who played at Armadillo? The best of the best. Oddballs. Outcasts. Wanderers. Wizards. All were welcome. ‘Dillos forever.

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Dillo Life

The Armadillo was never just a venue. It was a way of living, to the fullest. And we’re just getting started. Be part of it, and get access to exclusive shows, merch drops, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

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From the greatest to the latest. Shirts, posters, enamel pins, and records spins–get all the merch for your perch right here.

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